Joflow Curriculum


  • Ages 5-8
  • Lowered rings
  • Size 5 balls
  • Fun environment

New kids who want to learn more about the world of basketball are introduced to it through Joflow Little Ballers. They gain a better understanding of fundamental concepts including ball handling, coordination, collaboration, and a passion for the game with the help of this programme. This is designed for children (aged 5-8) ready to begin immediately.


  • Ages 7-12
  • Size 6 balls
  • Joflow Academy Course I

For young players looking to improve their basketball skills, learn new abilities, comprehend game rules, and play in a safe environment, Joflow Academy’s Joflow Prep Programme is a great option. Joflow Prep provides a fantastic opportunity for kids of all skill levels to play basketball, have fun, and learn new skills—regardless of their passion for the game.


  • Advance Fundamentals
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Yearly plan
  • Joflow Academy Course II-III

A great option for boys and girls who want to improve their basketball skills and prepare for competitive play is the Joflow Junior Development Programme. Young players will receive tuition from our staff of knowledgeable and experienced coaches, who will teach them the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork tactics, and how to learn through real-world game scenarios appropriate for their ability level and age. Our programme aims to enhance basketball knowledge, promote decision-making skills, introduce organised gameplay, and build individual and team skills.


  • Elite Talent
  • Invite Only
  • Pro terminology and drills
  • S&C Program
  • Joflow Academy Course IV

Designed to improve young athletes’ basketball abilities, the Joflow Aspirants programme is a sophisticated and gradual training regimen designed to improve young athletes’ basketball abilities. In addition to emphasising basketball knowledge, strategic thinking, and individual and team skills, it is committed to creating and carrying out a unique training plan for every player. This programme helps athletes maximise their ability on the basketball floor and prepare for representative tryouts and competitions.