Our key Features

Joflow Basketball Academy (JBA) is a school of basketball that combines real-life values in its skills training. We embrace hard work, teamwork, preparation, and sportsmanship in our programs to develop our students into good athletes and community members. Beyond basketball skills, we encourage students to make informed and often tough choices, whether it is a commitment to training or the values to pursue their goals, which stands them in good stead for the challenges they will face in the future.

JBA is managed professionally. Our students are mentored by experienced and qualified coaches who can guide students on their journey to becoming exceptional basketball athletes. A student’s interest in basketball often develops into a passion for the game because of JBA’s high level of training and the opportunities JBA provides to compete locally, interstate, or even outside of Australia.

Our Mission

We strive to shape players into skillful, responsible, committed, and highly competitive basketball athletes. We commit to showcasing our players by opening doors of opportunities locally and overseas.

Our Vision

JBA’s mission is to shape players into basketball athletes who are skillful, responsible, committed and highly competitive. By opening doors of opportunities, both locally and overseas, we commit to showcasing our players.


Happy Clients

Dedicated trainers, excellent motivators, and full-on support… We make sure that kids enjoy their basketball journey.

Amazing Experience

Amazing and supportive coaches, the programs and training that Joflow provides are so great and, the people here are so nice, and are very enthusiastic about basketball, and just having a great time. I 100% recommend this place!

Kassulke Family


Our Coach

Joboy Flores

Joflow Head Coach and General Manager

Josef Flores

JoFlow Coach and Trainer

Julius Flores

JoFlow Coach and Trainer


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